• 05/08/18

    Make a Plan: Migrant Parents’ Guide to Preventing Family Separation

    Immigration enforcement is on the rise following new executive orders from President Trump that put many more non-citizens at risk of being apprehended by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Immigrant parents should know their rights and take steps to prepare for the possibility of separation from their children. This will increase the likelihood that you can reunify with your children if you are detained or deported and that they will be well cared for and safe while not in your care.

  • 07/01/17

    ICE Detainers Legal Update

    New federal court rulings continue to dismantle ICE’s detainer system. This brief summary captures the key court rulings that have changed the landscape on immigration detainers.

  • 06/20/17

    Family Preparedness Planning in California

    This free recorded webinar will arm immigration advocates with the information they need to help immigrant families make a plan for their children if they are unable to care for them due to detention and/or deportation. It will feature California experts on alternate care arrangements for children, including the Caregiver’s Authorization Affidavit, Probate Guardianship, and informal arrangements for care.

  • 04/01/17

    Health Care Providers and Immigration Enforcement

    The threat of increased federal immigration enforcement has raised concerns among immigrant families, some of whom may decide to forego necessary medical services out of fear that they could be putting themselves and their family members at risk. This factsheet provides advice to hospitals, medical centers, community health centers, other health care facilities, and advocates on how to prepare for and respond to (a) enforcement actions by immigration officials and (b) interactions with law enforcement that could result in immigration consequences for their patients.

  • 03/27/17

    Help for Immigrants: Guidance for Schools

    As a trusted institution in immigrant families’ lives, schools can play a critical role in ensuring immigrant families have access to important information and resources during these turbulent and scary times. This document contains tips on what schools can do to help.

  • 03/21/17

    Plan de Preparación Familiar

    Cada familia debe tener un plan de preparación. Aunque nuestro deseo es que usted nunca tenga que usar este plan, es buena práctica de tener uno a la mano para reducir el estrés de lo inesperado. Este paquete le ayudará a crear un plan de preparación familiar, independientemente de su estatus migratorio. Sin embargo, por los retos adicionales que los inmigrantes y familias con status migratorios variados enfrentan, también tenemos consejos adicionales para los inmigrantes.