In order to ensure the immigrant community receives the proper guidance during this time of uncertainty, Ready California has compiled resources from partners to share updates and information regarding immigration.


President-Elect Donald Trump pledged to end DACA when he becomes President. Trump will not be president until he is inaugurated on January 20, 2017. Until that time, DACA will remain in place and USCIS will continue to process both initial and renewal DACA requests.

President-elect Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric throughout the campaign has immigrant families worrying that they could be targeted, detained, deported. As a trusted institution in immigrant families’ lives, schools can play a critical role in ensuring immigrant families have access to important information and resources.

This advisory explains how USCIS delays in processing DACA renewal requests can impact California driver’s licenses and what steps individuals can take to obtain a valid driver’s license while they wait for their DACA renewal and once they have received their renewal.

It’s important for everyone to know their rights if approached by an immigration (ICE) agent as well as how families can best prepare for something happening. This resource provides practical tips for things immigrant families can do now to prepare as well as information on rights everyone has in the United States, regardless of immigration status.

This information sheet provides important updates to community members about the status of DACA, what steps to take to be informed about their legal options, and summarizes basic constitutional rights of everyone regardless of immigration status.

Every family should have a Family Preparedness Plan. While it is our hope that you never have to use your plan, it is a good practice to have one in place to help reduce the stress of the unexpected. This packet will help everyone create a Family Preparedness Plan, regardless of immigration status.

LGBTQ immigrants enjoy the same rights under immigration law as all other non-citizens. However, there are some areas where LGBTQ immigrants might face unique challenges. This resource is an outline of some special considerations for LGBTQ immigrants.